The following protocols are regulated by ‘Get Social Serve’ to protect the customers’ information and improve their user experience. The protocols should be followed strictly to ensure the safety of our website’s business-related data.

Customer Information:

While taking our services or using our website, we may collect some information from the customer, such as identification information, browser information, mailing address, e-mail address, IP address, etc. We can also ask them to provide their feedback regarding user experience or services.  If the customers or users don’t provide the information while registering, they may miss some exclusive and updated services of our website.

Information Protection Policy:

The data we collect from the users are for business purposes only. We may use the data to upgrade the customer service, run a promotion to our existing customers, or improving our website. The data collected on our website is our private property and we will not disclose any information about our users without their written consent.

Cookies and Web Beacons:

We use cookies to optimize the user experience of our site. Cookies are mainly used to reserve the information of both random and regular users. Depending on the users’ browser type, content preferences, and other information, the cookies will help to customize the web page content to improve the users’ experience. Using cookies from ‘Get Social Serve’ is safe as Our website is free from Trojan horses or any other computer viruses. Note that, you can disable the cookie uses if you have any privacy concerns.

Privacy Policy:

The terms and privacy policy are changeable and all the rights of changing the contents are preserved by ‘Get Social Serve’. We also hold the right to replace or change the service types and prices. That’s why reviewing the privacy policies and our services are highly encouraged.

Third-Party Privacy Policy:

The privacy policies of this website don’t apply to the External parties’ ads or links that appear on our websites. Therefore, it is advised to consult the respective advertiser’s or website’s policies before using it.


By using ‘Get Social Serve’, you give your consent to all the privacy policies. Please read our privacy policies carefully before using our site because any disagreement with these policies will impair your eligibility to use the site. We hereby, request you not to use our site if you don’t agree with the privacy policies.

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